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about DEAR - Who we are?

The first symposium on Development Education in Japan was held in 1979 in Tokyo, which was sponsored by UNICEF and UN University. After this symposium, Non Governmental Development Organizations (NGDO), youth organizations and UN related associations organized a monthly meeting to study Development Education.

Under the initiative of the group, Development Education Council of Japan (DECJ) was founded in late 1982 as a coordinating body of NGDOs and individuals who shared a common belief in the increasing necessity of Development Education within Japan.

In 2003, DECJ has received the legal status as a Non-Profit Organization(NPO) and changed the name to “Development Education Association and Resource Center ” (DEAR).

It also seeks changes of attitudes and morale to participate in solving developmental issues.

The network of DEAR

DEAR is a network organization which works with members at local and national levels to promote Development Education.

One characteristic of DEAR is that many people with diverse backgrounds and knowledge get together to create and participate in a learning community and connect their learning communities with the world.

The participants are educators, NGOs/NPOs staffs, staff from international organizations, international and municipal government, students, and researchers. We have an international network with UK, Korea and which is expanding.

The role of DEAR

・To communicate with the government and give suggestions on its policy.
・To develop networks and exchange information with related organizations in the world.
・To research Development Education
・To gather information on Development Education in both Japan and the world and share the information
・To help to provide learning opportunities in communities and schools.

DEAR does these activities

・Annual national conference on Development Education
・Regional seminar on Development Education
・Development Educational Information Center
・Publications (Journal, Newsletter, Handbook, Booklet series
・Teaching materials, Directory, Catalogue and Website)
・Send a facilitator to communities and schools
・Organize research groups on Development Education
・Participate in international conferences
・Consultant for Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education.


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